A Letter I Should Have Written To Myself

I want to be better because of you.
My heart breaks because I want you to see how giving and loving you are, how soulful and how special you are, and how much you have to offer to yourself and everyone around you. It saddens me deeply that you think I’ll just get tired of being in your little orbit, with the amount of good that you exude, I couldn’t imagine myself ever getting tired of basking in the way that you exist. I’m sure that at some point I’ll see parts of you that I don’t favor as much as the ones I’ve seen so far, but I do not see or begin to think about how they could outweigh the love and joy that you give.
Remember that you give much more to the world than you take from it, and its lovely to watch you exist in my life and in the lives of others.
From the best part of my heart,
Marisa Mae

Spiritual sober being in the process of processing her feelings on paper.